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Magsafe Selfie Light

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Phone Safe Magnets

Metal Frame

All-Phone Compatibility

100% Satisfaction

360° Swivel

Money Back Guarantee

Capture Everything

Bring perfect lighting wherever you go with our portable magnetic selfie light.

Choose from 12 brightness-warm level combinations to get the best shot no matter what.

200LUX illuminance range for flattering shots near or far.

Compatible with the threesixviews phone mount! We recommend using them together as a pair.

 Compatible with iPhone 12 13 14 series
 Strong Magnets
180° Flip Design
Rechargeable Battery (charging cable provided)
Compact & Portable

Rechargeable Batteries

Strong Magnet

iPhone 12+ Compatibility

180° Flip Design

Compact & Portable

Adjustable Brightness

Magsafe Case Compatible

Got questions? We've got answers...


Is the phone mount strong enough to hold my phone?

We've tested this on a iPhone Pro 14 Max. One of the heaviest phones out... It holds!

Will the magnets damage my phone?

This is a common misconception. Having a magnet next to your phone is 100% safe.

How durable is it really?

Made of steel components our phone mount really will last the test of time!

Does the phone mount come with anything?

It comes along with 2 metal discs. Hang on to these! You'll need to stick them to the back of your phone.

How do you use the product?

Ensure the metal disc provided is stuck to the back of your phone. Simply attach the phone mount to any magnetic surface, swivel it for the angle you want to record at, attach your phone and voila

Where is threesixviews based?

We're based in London, UK! We have fulfillment centres in a number of locations across the world to ensure we can offer worldwide shipping.